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Recent Cases

Bicycle Accident

A 23 year old Temple student riding her bike to class was first “doored” by a parked car and then struck by a passing paratransit van resulting in multiple injuries. A final offer of $50,000 was rejected prompting a jury trial where the victim was awarded $2,349,000.

Auto Accident

A 46 year old woman with chronic back pain from a prior workers compensation injury was struck while driving and suffered neck and back pain. These injuries evolved into post-traumatic fibromyalgia. The defense denied her claim was valid and offered $35,000. A court trial ensued and the woman was awarded $930,000.

Auto Accident

A 24 year old disabled woman, who was referred by another lawyer, received multiple fractures in a car accident. The case was settled for $1,030,000.

Paintball Accident

A 14 year old boy attending a paintball party was struck in the eye and lost his eyesight. The paintball facility and face mask manufacturer denied any responsibility as the boy’s father signed a waiver. The case was received from another lawyer just 10 days before it was scheduled for trial, and shortly after a failed mediation resulted in a $300,000 settlement offer. Four months later the case was settled for $740,000.

Auto Accident

A 42 year old woman referred by another lawyer suffered spinal injuries from a car accident requiring a stimulator to be implanted to control her pain. The defense denied the accident was the cause of her injuries and offered $75,000. The case was finally settled for $750,000.

Auto Accident

A 45 year old woman with a history of chronic pain received injuries in a car accident requiring multiple surgeries. She was referred by another lawyer after receiving nothing in an arbitration. Her case was appealed and during the trial, after medical testimony showed her surgeries were indeed due to injuries she sustained from the accident, the case settled for $250,000.

Assault by Bouncer

A 21 year old man is seriously injured by a bouncer at a nightclub and requires multiple surgeries on his knee. The club denies their liability and offers an insignificant settlement. After a doctor’s courtroom testimony, the case is settled for $450,000.